Welcome to Taste Palate


Mission Statement:

People have different ‘taste’ preferences, based on geographical and cultural factors. A chef needs a quantitative measure of bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and spiciness to be able to satisfy desire of 90% of customers.

Why you need us:
* Taste sensation fades with age.
* People’s tastes differ greatly by geographical and cultural factors.
* People do not eat ‘healthy’ foods because of the perception ‘it does not taste good.’
* If healthy food tastes better, people would be healthier and less food would be wasted.
* Better tasting food would be popular and provide significant business opportunities.
* Eliminate concerns about food allergies and/or dietary restrictions.
* School-age children waste a significant portion of the school lunch because they do not like the taste.

How we can serve you:
Individual: You can record your taste profile
Restaurant Owners: You can access individual and aggregated summary profile