Introduction to Engineering (ENGR-130)

This page lists the resources for ENGR-130 at Henry Ford College

Download E-Book for ENGR-130

Topic 1: Engineering Majors

Engineering Majors Exploration Website

Learn about engineering team, engineering technology versus engineering, and engineering among 50 Michigan Hot jobs.

Topic 2: Engineering Transfer

Learn about how to transfer to other schools from Henry Ford College Pre-Engineering

Download Engineering Transfer Presentation

Topic 3: Engineering Ethics

Learn about engineering code of ethics.

Download Engineering Ethics Presentation

Download Engineering Ethics Code of Conduct

Topics 4: Why join a club

Learn about benefits of joining a club.

Download Why join a club presentation


Topic 5: Programming with MATLAB

Learn about how to write basic syntax in Octave Online. Please follow the tutorial in Chapter 9 for this video. 

Topic 6: Orthographic Views

Learn how to draw orthographic projection views.


Download Orthographic Views Presentation

Download Orthographic Views – Work file

Topic 7: Excel Basic Functions and Plotting

Learn how to use a basic formula in Excel and how to plot data.

Download Sample Excel Practice File

Topic 8: Trigonometry

Learn about basic trigonometric relationships in right triangles. Visit chapter 13 of the E-book for more information.

Topic 9: Unit Conversions

Learn about dimensions, units, and unit conversion. Study Chapter 12 of the E-book.

Download Unit Conversion Worksheet

Topic 10: Addition of Forces

Learn about how to add two 2D forces using component method.

Download Addition of forces – Work sheet

Download the code for RobotC Sonar Sensor